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You and I both know that every trading opportunity is unique. You and I also know that just because it's unique doesn't mean it's legit. I've covered the small cap markets for the last eleven years and there are a lot of questionable stocks out there. I've also been around long enough to know that a lot of the companies in the small cap space are going to sink rather than swim.


It takes a different kind newsletter to determine which trades are worth the money. My goal is to sift through the "trash-trades" and find the right stocks with the right stuff to be big winners. I look for companies with competitive advantages, compelling value propositions, disruptive technologies and market changing leadership - companies with the ability to break out of a typical trading range and consistently set new highs. The result of my research is The Tout Sheet - a newsletter covering well-run companies in the small cap market with explosive upside potential.


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The Tout Sheet features little known companies flying under the radar and ready to take off. These companies are usually on the cusp of differentiating from their sector, surging to a new leadership position and greatly enhancing shareholder value.


Only a few companies a year meet my criteria for inclusion into The Tout Sheet's "Super Picks". Big winners just don't come along every day, so the newsletter also highlights other trades for my subscribers for quick hit quick profits as well as other profitable trading strategies.


I'm currently tracking a company that has all the markings of being my biggest winner ever. If everything checks out, I'll release this pick to my subscribers soon. Also, I want you to know that I never front run my picks. My subscribers come first, and I buy only after releasing the pick.


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